In this game made in 48 hours to the GMTK JAM, this time, instead of being the human, you'll be the virus inside the body trying to kill it. Evolve your "Amoeba" to get and create more potent and stronger viruses.

Obs: To get the upgrades, kill the antibodies to get coins.

WASD and Mouse

Game made by: Meiallu & Nagasaki
Thanks for playing!
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Made withConstruct
Tags2D, Boss battle, Bullet Hell, Construct 2, Creative, Game Maker's Toolkit Jam, Indie, Minimalist, Pixel Art, Short


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esse jogo é muito wowwww


Very nice presentation! I was a little confused about what to do at first. Is there a limit to how much time you have to upgrade before you fight?

No, didn't think of that. But it's kind of a good idea!